Sawbuck 1.1

Dan Beachy-Quick///kari edwards///Elisa Gabbert
Donald Illich///Robert Lietz///Ada Limon
Timothy Liu///Cory Mesler
Kathleen Rooney///Mathias Svalina

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I know a friend who knows a friend
Who knows the mountain lion...

dependent on title deniability

dependent on what system secures what system...

We can see it as he sees it, when he says So pretty,
about a car flying off a cliff—it just escaped...

At the casting call you say “human.”

The man with the purple feather boa...

.....If the earth.....we'd understand
by practice...../ earth.....were.....our weakness...

We become our own land sometimes, important nation, the hand on our door, the ship mast come...

Munching soft taco,
he pushed her parsley aside...

The afternoon yearning.
The yard after rain...

There’s this game I like to play
where I pretend I’ll end you...

He smoked it enthusiastically,
feeling both sick & woven...

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